Beverly's Birthdays

Beverly's Birthdays


Mission Statement

Beverly's spreads cheer 365 days a year. Our nonprofit organization celebrates and strengthens families in the Pittsburgh region through our birthday, baby, and basic care division.


In 2011, our founder, Megs Yunn, met a young girl named, Beverly, at a local afterschool program. Megs was helping her with her reading homework and Beverly had to use the word accustomed to in a sentence. Not knowing the meaning of the word, Ms. Megs asked, “Beverly, at birthday parties, people are accustomed to eating what?” Beverly responded that she had never had a birthday party of her own or even a slice of her own birthday cake. Inspired by this interaction, Megs started the nonprofit Beverly’s Birthdays to provide meaningful birthday celebrations for children experiencing homelessness and families in need. Since 2012, the organization has supported thousands of birthdays, and expanded its mission to celebrate the “birth”day through various baby and parent support initiatives, including, The Greater Pittsburgh Infant Formula Bank.